Restaurante La Raza

Group La Raza is one of the main Andalusian companies specializing in catering and hotel services. More than 80 year history, his career is marked by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a constant commitment to quality gastronomy.

Important recognitions support the experience and professionalism of the company, as concessions to the Group La Raza Medal of the City of Seville and Certification Q for Quality Tourism their establishments Restaurante La Raza and La Hosteria del Prado, and La Raza Catering (No sanitary registration: 26.0008557/HE), that since 2008 It is one of the few catering Andalusia that has certified with the Q for Quality Tourism.

The Group La Raza is in constant process of innovation and continuous improvement to offer a traditional Andalusian cuisine combined with the latest culinary trends, in order to meet the needs of its customers.

After 80 years of experience, Group La Raza continues to offer its services with the same dedication and professionalism as always, true reflection of the hard work and effort committed to the development of a professional team thanks to which the Group is today among the leading companies in the sector in Andalusia.

Continuous Quality Improvement Policy

Since its inception, Group La Raza He has been able to evolve with the times and guide its business in the catering sector, with the ultimate aim of meet the needs of its customers, through a process growth and continuous improvement, focusing on the continuous training of its staff, technical means and infrastructure.

Thanks to all, establishments Group La Raza have the following certifications:

Q for Quality Tourism Spanish, awarded by the ICTE (Spanish Tourism Quality System), granted in October 2008 the Restaurant La Raza, Hosteria del Prado and Catering La Raza, bringing prestige, differentiation, reliability and rigor to certified tourism establishments.

certification SICTED, granted in June 2008 the Restaurant La Raza and the Hosteria del Prado, and in December 2012 Los Corales and Entrecárceles, certifies the work carried out by different companies and / or tourist services with the goal of improving the experience and satisfaction tourist destination, through a methodology based on quality management and valorization of resources and spaces.

Tourist quality
Commitment and Quality

Socially responsible company

Group La Raza, in addition to exercising their activity within the hospitality sector, actively and voluntarily contribute to improving society, participating in numerous charitable activities, health promotion, improving the work environment, employment policy in groups of social exclusion, etc.,

We maintain a participatory role in society, calling awareness to the current problems of the same.

During our long history of catering services there are many companies and organizations that rely on the professionalism and good work in the hospitality group for years.

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