He Group La Raza recovering good manners and tavern with the legendary centennial Entrecárceles, that after a major refurbishment, the reopens to make it abacería.

Entrecárceles is one of the oldest hotel establishments of Seville -data 1.894- and its walls are full of history. The tavern occupies what was once the living Guard Corps of the old Royal Prison of Seville, where Miguel de Cervantes was imprisoned and where legend has it he wrote part of his work Don Quixote.


1first floor 30 pax | 2first floor 28 pax


Group La Raza reopened at the end of the year 2011 this tavern in order to transform and adapt to the new needs of the current public but keeping always the very essence of both its products and establishing itself. But this time have been rescued two upper floors to serve a larger number of guests and can also reserve tables for groups.

So, Entrecárceles has carved a niche in the cuisine of the city making it the ideal place to take the midday snack or to enjoy the best products of the land. Wines and premium products, as cold cuts and cheeses of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, make its cuisine. And you can not help but try their famous and highly-rated Fino Imperial, A delight for the palate!

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