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Nowadays, the situation of Restaurante La Raza is unbeatable: in the park of Maria Luisa, opposite the Casino Exhibition and Teatro Lope de Vega, surrounded by extensive vegetation and several outdoor terraces, privileged place in the city that has become a benchmark for restoration Seville.

In addition to the coffee bar, with a wide variety of tapas, and a la carte restaurant, with traditional dishes of Andalusian cuisine, Restaurante La Raza has large rooms for celebrations (wedding, christenings, communions ...) and business events view Maria Luisa Park and capacity for up 400 diners. Not in vain, from its beginnings to the present day, Restaurante La Raza has been and is the place chosen by many families for celebrations, fidelity: hold them over the years, generation after generation.


great Race (sum of the 5 Banquet) | Hall Infanta Luisa: 450 pax | Hall Los Corales: 64 pax | Hall Montpensier: 68 pax | Ruben Dario Room: 100 pax | Hall Becquer: 30 pax | Placita Santa Marta: 320 pax | Patio Ranchito: 70 pax | Pergola room: 100 pax | terrace Pergolines: 200 pax | terrace Tram: 350 pax


In 1929 It held in Seville Expo Iberoamericana and Maria Luisa Park -old Palace gardens Dukes of Montpensier, donated to the city by the Infanta Maria Luisa of Bourbon Early in the nineteenth century- was the place chosen for the location of the pavilions of participating countries.

Pavilion Information, that welcomed visitors, It was located at the entrance of the Exhibition. This historic building is located in the middle of the last century the Restaurante La Raza. Reforms in recent years have respected the main structure and retained its iconic towers, maintaining their integration into the Maria Luisa Park.

The name of the restaurant La Raza was inspired by the verses of Ruben Dario, of his poem 'Satulación Optimist', and listed in the monolith located in Avda. Isabel the Catholic. Says so: "Ínclitas very fertile races, blood of fecund Hispania, kindred spirits, luminous souls, ¡salve!”.


Since 2008, Restaurante La Raza holds certification Q for Quality Tourism Spanish, awarded by the ICTE (Spanish Tourism Quality System), and the certification SICTED (Integral System of Tourist Quality). further, It is also registered on the web Hospitality Accessible, which includes those establishments that meet the specific characteristics so that all people can enjoy their food regardless of their physical capabilities, mental or sensory.

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