A unique place in Sevilla for weddings and events

Sta_Marta_eventos11Sevilla It is a city steeped in history and with many landmarks. One is the Restaurante La Raza, concerning the Seville restoration since its opening in 1.954 and meeting point for generations of families, that over the years continue to choose these facilities for celebrations.

Its location is unbeatable: in the center of the city and in the Maria Luisa Park, Restaurante La Raza is surrounded by greenery. A unique place in Sevilla occupies the building that was Pavilion Information on Exhibition Iberoamericana 1.929 and it was situated at the entrance giving access to the sample.

With some extensive facilities and a friendly atmosphere, La Raza has interior rooms modulables that adapt to the needs of customers, accommodate 300 seated diners and 400 guests at cocktail, and with large windows overlooking the park of Maria Luisa. And outside, La Raza has several outdoor terraces that recreate various environments and with great capacity for diners to the characteristics of each celebration or event.

Wedding, christenings, communions…, Y business events of different kinds, everything has a place in The race. With a sales team clearly customer-oriented, our celebrations and events are always guarantee of success. We care about cutting corners with the maximum efficiency service offered, and of course, the best gastronomic quality! further, no space rental fee.

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